The Anonymous Book Launch 

As some of you might know, this blog will be published as a book, documenting its first year. Its full title is The Anonymous Revolutionary: a Collection of Communist Writings, and a draft of its cover is displayed below:

There will be a book launch in the near future, a possible date for which is Friday 26th of February in London, but nothing is confirmed yet. I’m saying this as an early warning in case any of you wanted to come; please feel free! There may be a second book launch in York, where I live, but I don’t know any more yet.
Thank you for reading and following my posts and helping to get them published, and keep following this blog for more information…

– AR

21 thoughts on “The Anonymous Book Launch 

  1. Brilliant Max- looking forward to getting a copy and can make the London launch if it a ends up a couple of weeks later! Best of luck,
    Ruth Blaney x


  2. That’s fantastic Max! We will do our best to be at the York launch and hope to get your signature on our copy of the book! Love from all the Withymen xx


  3. Hi Max,
    Frankie,Rosa and Pearse here.Just to say we are so proud of you. We can’t believe our cousin is having a book published and that you could have filled Sydney Opera House 7 times! We don’t really read your blog but mummy tells us it’s about being fair and equal and that we must show love and respect .WE THINK THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. We won’t be able to make London book launch but we think we may get the ferry over and do a family road trip for the York launch. Brace brace! We can’t wait to get signed copies of your book. See you soon.
    R, F and P.xxxxxxx


  4. It’s Easter Sunday and I am new to all of this, having only discovered Max after his untimely death. I originally posted earlier today on his memorial tribute page, before coming across some of his blogs above, and now I regret even more having not discovering him earlier. I am now determined to get a copy of his book and will go to my local bookshop asap.and order one. I have always said there is some kind of truism that only the good die young, and here, for me at least, we have a pertinent example. I could rant on about the high levels of cancer deaths in the UK, but it’s not for here.
    RIP. Max, your message lives on.


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