I’m The Anonymous Revolutionary, a 16-year-old Marxist who writes a weekly internet blog (I try to post every Friday) on the themes of Marxism, communism, their significance and their relevance today. Obviously I’m writing from a communist perspective, but see the ‘My Views’ page for an overview of my beliefs and opinions. 

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts or any suggestions/contributions that you have. You can also search for blog entries in the search bar provided.

Thank you for visiting my website.

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  1. Hello my name is Seamus and I have been reading your blog. I have to say that I am very impressed and you have taught me quite a lot. I want to say to you to keep doing what your doing and I wish you the best for the future.

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    • Hello! I occasionally write articles in Morning Star and wondered if you’d mind me doing an interview with you via phone with the objective of publicising your book and the candid comments you’ve also made in the Guardian. Please reply via email if that’s okay.




  2. Hi, just wanted to say how detailed and informative your blog is. It has really inspired me to start my own. I hope you continue writing and passing on your thoughts and beliefs to others 😀

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      • Dear Dan and Jenny, humanity will never forget this great son. He did such an historically important work by creating this blog and sharing his thoughts in those dark days in history. It is so important and valuable that you are his parents, the parents of such a great boy, a true man who could conceive life and world so correctly. As a communist, a marxist and a leninist, like Max, and a father of 11 years-old boy, I intend to write you more. Can you please write to me, to my email address. Cinar


  3. Dear AN,

    It’s a pleasure to read your blog, and I’ll look forward to reading more as it comes.

    Marxism in it’s classic form has not made a dent in the armour of capitalism, despite the efforts of people like David Harvey. If you’ve not seen his analysis of the 2008 economic crisis, I strongly recommend it. It’s a short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOP2V_np2c0

    The alternatives to capitalism now being developed are not strictly Marxist, but I’d be interested to read any comments you might have on, for example, Paul Mason’s ‘Postcapitalism’. A synopsis is here http://www.penguin.co.uk/books/postcapitalism/9781846147388/

    Best wishes.


  4. Hi AR,
    I have been following your blog recently having been alerted to it from a proud member of your family. I have found it considered and thought provoking. To have your work published is a real achievement. You should be proud. I am going to come to the launch and look forward to meeting you.
    Chris M


  5. Dear AR, I have been connected to your blog through a member of your family over here in Sunny Singapore. I would like to get in touch and ask you a question… As I don’t think it will have much relevance to the world at large…Could you PM me.




  6. Hi AR,
    I admire your writings and enjoy them very much. It is a pleasure to read the thoughts of a young and well spoken revolutionary. I will keep on following you pleasantly. Thank you. Cecilia


  7. Dear AR – you’re a brilliant writer and I’m so glad someone is helping keep the fire of Marxism alive in a world of almost breathtaking, pitiful and pitiless waste and aspirations to nauseating levels of wealth and perfection. You’ve achieved so much in your young life. Cheers, Nicola


  8. It’s been a pleasure to read your blog for some time now but this morning I read your article in The Guardian and I realised I had never thanked you for that pleasure. Had I not read your story this morning I would not have taken the time to do so now. Thank you for making me take that look at myself – I will take the time this weekend to thank every author of my favourite blogs for their contribution to my daily life.
    Ask the best, Max.

    Jac M.


  9. Just read your Guardian article and decided I had to check out your blog! I am looking forward to reading all of your posts. You write so well and inspire others to think deeply about things our fast-paced world doesn’t want us to…


  10. I’m a poet but your wise words on socialism are poetry to my soul. You are a very gifted thinker and your words matter


  11. Hi Max, I just read the excerpt from your book in the guardian. It was so refreshing. I volunteer in palliative care and such clarity of insight is very rare. It is how I view dying also and I wish more people could see it from this perspective, it would avoid a lot of unnecessary angst and relationship problems. I was also a revolutionary at 16 🙂 I joined a Marxist-Leninist party where I live in Australia and was very active in it until age 21 when I went down the hedonist path for a while. I’m now 39, mother to 3 boys and a Buddhist. Not a Marxist anymore 🙂 Awesome to discover you, I look forward to reading your blog and your book.


  12. Hi Max, I just read your article on your health issues. I live in Melbourne Australia and I have 2 boys of my own 19,15 so I feel deeply for you and your family. I believe I have some information that could truly help you very very much both in the physical and I consciousness. If you are interested please email me and I’ll be in touch.
    Kindest and warmest regards,


  13. Hi Max, I came to your writings via a link on your story on the web. I must say I am completely amazed by the clarity and maturity of your thoughts that you put in so eloquent prose. I’m definitely following your progress and blog. I am wondering about your thoughts on the US primaries, especially the rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump? I have a view that they are tapping into the same well-spring of discontent albeit from a more caring and intellectual position.


  14. Dear Max,

    I’m blown away by your writing talent and extraordinary candour.

    Just read Guardian piece I’d love to talk to you about making a film about your brilliant life and wondered if you might be interested in discussing further.

    My email is below and can give you my mobile if you ping me back. Feel free to google caravan-media.com


  15. Hi, I’m writing because I read the insprational article in the Guardian today and just wanted to say a great big thank you! Your positive attitude is an example to everyone! I had a life changing operation a few months ago, which I’m still getting over, and won’t deny I’ve been struggling. I found your attitude so helpful and positive and will continue to remember….“Stop whining and get on with it” far more effective. Stoicism, I feel, is more effective than grief: a simple reality-check helps to set my perspectives in place.
    You have helped me a great deal, and I’m very grateful. Very best wishes, Rosemary


  16. The world would be full of hope, freedom, purpose, discovery and love if it were populated with “idiots” like Max.
    I don’t know what your problem is, but best keep it to yourself.


  17. I’d like to be able to delete my post from 27 March on this blog, but I can’t. I wrote it in response to a poisonous post from a troll called ‘Richard Nixon’ to the Anonymous Revolutionary, Max. It was one of the cruellest posts I’ve read on the internet. His post has been removed from the blog but mine unfortunately remains, so it looks as if I left the message for Max, which, of course, I didn’t. I am sorry that I didn’t respond with a different message.


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