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I am a Marxist, Leninist, Bolshevist and internationalist. I’d consider myself a Marxist in the orthodox sense, which is to say that I uphold the traditional view that the tyrannies of capitalism shall only be quashed through class struggle. In that sense, I’m also an anti-revisionist and am opposed to tendencies like Post-Marxism.

To develop a more in-depth understanding of the ideals I hold, you can look at writings by and about individuals such as Marx, Engels or Lenin. I’d recommend the free online source Marxists Internet Archive to do this.

Additionally, my posts provide some of my own ideas and theoretical contributions to Marxist theory, although my views have changed significantly over the course of writing this blog, meaning that they may not be a reliable account of my current opinions. For example, I once referred to myself as a Trotskyist. No longer the case. 



30 thoughts on “My Views

  1. Your wish to make the world a better place is very commendable.

    Young though you are, your ignorance is not of the sufferings and murders of countless millions and loused up countries under Marxist theory.


  2. Just read your article in The Guardian 19.3.2016 and thought it was superb: extremely cogent and well written. It is truly remarkable to able to communicate so coherently, intelligently and effectively about such a momentous topic; I hope you take great pride in your very obvious ability here. Thank you.

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  3. As above: me too. As a mother of teenagers (one a cancer survivor, one interested in Marxist theory) and as an academic teaching postgrads, you are a very impressive and thoughtful young man.

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  4. I was very interested in Marxism as a teenager when I was lucky enough to study 20th Century Russian history at A Level about 15 years ago. Thank you for reminding me of this passion, Max. I will be reading more from now on.


  5. I just read your article in The Guardian 19.3.2016 – wow, remarkable – thank you for your profoundly honest, intelligent and powerful writing. You have an outstanding ability to communicate so eloquently.

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  6. I have two crucial messages – first – talk to your body. It will do whatever you ask it to do. Second; do not hate your cancer. Accept it; it is a part of you; talk to it too; do not reject it. Ask it not to grow, to stop interfering with other functions of the body; to retreat from some places; to stop growing in any damaging way. Live with it. For many happy and profitable years. Good luck to you.


  7. Really impressive, refreshing article in the Guardian. I was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer a few months ago at the age of 42, and am currently resting between radiotherapy and chemo cycles. You hit the nail on the head about certain states of mind and attitude that arise automatically , yet are unexpected. Compelling stuff. Thank you. I wish you continued peace and creativity…great to see such a mature mind!

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  8. Max, even though I was only diagnosed with ordinary breast cancer 3 years ago, your descriptions perfectly mirrored my experiences, from the awkwardness with emotional family and friends, to the swift return to day to day normality just with a lump where there was none before, to the weird amazement every time I met someone who knew about my cancer “how well” I looked, this expectation of others of visible misery and suffering making me ask myself: what does a proper cancer patient look like?
    I am looking forward to reading your blog,
    All the best and enjoy the life you have the best you can!


    • Ha! I have lost count of all the instances where I was told I ‘didn’t look like I had cancer’. As a result I approached my hairdresser of 10+ years with some trepidation (re hair shaving and wig fitting if needed) and was pleasantly surprised by their reaction: it turns out they regularly have to help clients with this sort of thing, so they were 100% supportive and helpful (they even book appointments for such things outside normal opening hours so that you can have privacy) and I didn’t have to waste time and energy and get upset, unlike meetings with HR and ‘explanations’ to colleagues. I had an issue at CAB the other day (when seeking advice as employer insist I have to resign if I want to have treatment or even tests). The moron who was working there told me that I did not look like I had cancer, therefore I did not have cancer and was in perfectly good health and worrying too much! She did not understand the concept of a biopsy (or probably even a cell) at all and thought that I wanted a free boob job (no I don’t want reconstruction) and several months’ holiday (neither surgery or recovery from it nor chemo do qualify as holidays for me…)!


  9. Hi Max, not only your is your “intellectual independence” truly remarkable and so thoughtfully developed, but your grasp of what we call “life” is startlingly, incredibly mature. Through your Guardian article I will be reading your book and following your blog. You are inspirational, honest, brave – and a true Marxist philosopher in the historical sense – and I know you will understand that point! Sending you an abundance of positive thoughts and heartfelt admiration.

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  10. I too was directed here by your article in the guardian. Your perspective was unbelievably mature and profound and to find out at the end of the article that you had a revolutionary blog was amazing. You are a very inspiring young man. It’s a privilege to have come across your writing.


  11. Just read the Guardian piece and it’s the best thing I’ve read in a long time, in terms of content, approach and perspective. You articulated perfectly my own views about our insignificance in the great scheme of things. Recognising a kindred spirit, I just had to find your blog (which is brilliant) and I thank you for your wisdom and common sense on all the topics you cover. All the best.


    • I agree with the positive comments here on your Guardian article. What amazes me is how the many people shafted by the current Tory government are not more angry.I went to see the marvellous Harry Lesley Smith and he is livid,aged 94!
      I found Max’s writing mature, honest and refreshing.
      What a great and interesting young man. Maybe we can inspire more people to get angry and rise up together.


  12. Like so many others, I arrived here by way of your Guardian article, which left me awe-struck (though I have a feeling you’d be uncomfortable with that!). Your eloquence, and your calm, mature acceptance of what life has thrown at you, are inspirational. When I got to the end of the piece and saw evidence of your political passions, my admiration for you skyrocketed. I am the mother of another young revolutionary – though he is older than you, and does still call himself a Trotskyist; his passion, commitment and principles have taught me so much. I believe very deeply that young people like you (and my son) are the hope of the future – and I sincerely hope that your future is longer than predicted. Good luck, keep
    fighting the good fight, and may your light shine on.


  13. Like many others I’ve just read your article in today’s Guardian. Twice. It’s the best thing I’ve read for a long time. As a mother of teenage sons close in age to you Max, your insight, maturity & self possession amaze me. Your article led me to your blog which further shows what an incredible thinker & writer you are! Since being diagnosed with cancer myself 2 years ago , its hard not to get swept away with it all & lose perspective. Your words & approach to life have stopped me in my tracks today & made me think.
    With all good wishes for the future.


  14. Hope it’s not getting too boring to have people arriving here via the Guardian, all deeply impressed – but here’s another one. I’m just so delighted to read someone who has the passion for politics and justice that I had at 16 (and still do, still engaged with many things at 66) which seems to be in relatively short supply these days. Thanks for the article and I’ll be reading more of your writings.


  15. Hi Max,
    I read your article in the Guardian and was struck with how articulate and mature you are. As a journalism student I admire the way you write. But as someone who is politically unsure I admire your dedication to Marxism even more. I would love to interview you. Do you have a personal email address that I could write to so I can send more details?
    Thank you.


  16. Hi Max

    I wanted to write to you because I hope that can help you this thing. It’s about holistic nutrition. I do not know how much you already know about this topic. But if you interested, please read this book

    Galina Shatalova was a Russian doctor and has his own theory that the activation of self-healing explored by food. I do not know if you ever brought someone to this kind of healing. But I think it is a try. I hope you will be successful.

    With all good wishes for the future.


  17. Max,
    I feel like I’m a bit late, joining the back of quite a queue. Just wanted to say how impressive, engaging and emotionally mature I found your article in the Guardian to be. What struck me, paragraph after paragraph, was a level of eloquence and a quality of composition that I think many adults, let alone teenagers, would struggle to match, when tasked with writing an article for a major newspaper. And that’s before I reflect on your personal attributes, particularly the stoicism part. Stirring, thought-provoking and inspiring stuff. Congratulations on getting published – you clearly deserve it.


  18. Dear Dan and Jenny,
    My thoughts are with you and your family. Max was a very special individual! He did you and himself so proud. His blog gave the world a chance to appreciate something of who he was.


  19. You’re a brilliant writer, and someone who moved me from my more anarchist tendencies into a more Marxist approach. To this day, whenever I see someone just starting out, I send them this blog, because the writing explains Marxism and the more complex parts and the basics very well


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