Remembering October

Tonight, ninety-nine years to this day, occurred the October Revolution.

As (in my opinion) the most significant revolution, the most important event in the struggle against capitalism, and the greatest achievement of the international left, I decided to dedicate this entry to its anniversary…

Happy November 6th/7th comrades!

‘The Bolshevik’ – Boris Kustodiev

…Here’s some light musical accompaniment:



6 thoughts on “Remembering October

  1. Dear Max, I went to an art exhibition in the Netherlands , showing how the various artists interpreted this momentous event. My friends bought me a shopping bag, not a symbol of the revolution…., with one of the paintings on it. I am trying to get you the book that was on sale there…..think of a late St. Nicholas present and I ll make some speculas to go with it. Nana


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