Update on the Book Launch

I realise this isn’t a Friday, but I’m writing to inform you of the dates for the London book launch. It’s happening on Saturday 27th February in the Society Club, Soho, between six and eight in the evening. Here’s the link to the shop where it’s taking place:


I still don’t have dates for the York launch, but I’m hoping for Wednesday 2nd or Thursday 3rd March in Waterstones, the link for which is below. Hope to see you there!


Long live Bolshevism.

– AR

5 thoughts on “Update on the Book Launch

  1. Congratulations on your book launch.

    Must feel pretty cool to know you are going to have your own book.

    I look forward to getting a signed copy in York.


  2. Excellent news about your blog being published! Do you have a firm date yet for the event at Waterstones in York? I had a look on their site but couldn’t find it.


  3. AR,
    Thanks so much for the signed copies. It was a brilliant event and we really appreciated the chance to attend. Good luck with the next launch in York.
    Russ et al
    P.S. The book is excellent


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